Saturday , January 23 2021

The book also noted: this week, 1.12 rice in 1.12 rt this week, 700000 gallons, operating profit in gold – calls, exit, long, short, long – global financial market

Source: Global Forex Market

1.7 Gold Trading Review: Monday Gold Long & Short Operation successfully harvested $ 20,000

On Monday morning, the price of gold is back up to 1282, and the MAC trend of the technical trend of the GRE Equator Energy Consumption (MACD) one-hour prediction is likely to pay off the average gold vane. The overall tendency is still a present trend. Later, after a timely order of 1283, we raised 1292 gold prices. The target was a bit late, but the customer did not focus on this information. But the resulting shortage of profits resulted in shorter-term prices in the US session. After blocking since 1294, we decided to stick to the short selling trend and then we decided to conclude with the short position around 1292. Early evening gold prices were targeted, and profits made profitable profits.

1.8 Goldmarket: yesterday's gold price was matched to a high-speed landmark, and afterwards, two orders of thumb were more successful after returning and a yield of $ 21,000.

On Tuesday morning around 1290, the short-term gold price had gone beyond 1290 and did not make it more productive than 1290. Short-term corrections were made, and daily KDJ and RIS indicators were empty. Macros Digital Index Reduced. We followed a blank list after 1289. By midday, 1282 gold prices fell. Most singles were profitable and went out and the short-term gold price dropped to 1280 shortly afterwards. But immediately he started again. Thereafter, in 1286 gold price was shortened, and short sales immediately went out. The two long and short orders received a profit of $ 21,000.

1.9 Goldmark Review: A gold medal did not make a profit, and the long runner was long lasting. The Federal Long-Term Sales Unit profited a profit of $ 28,000.

On Wednesday morning, Bullringer Band reduced the kilowatt-hour line at 1286 hours. 1286 was a long and short supply of water, and afterwards, the gold price we reset our headscarves and about 1282 lunas in the morning, and gold was called in the European session. As there was no significant drop in volatility, profits and federal officials spoke in the evening after the short-term profits restored to the abandonment of the market, while the gold price recovered in the short term, through the flows of 126 and 1290. A federal minutes of meetings this morning has also raised rumors of an increase in the federal reserve ratio, so morning early in the morning, the Central Bank will remain in the strongest possible places, and we will get more positions to stay at night. The market was not big but in Shore morning, he made a profit of 1292.

1.10 Gold Trading Review: Short Sale Broadcasting Short Breaks in Short Breaks, Shortened Shorter Shows, Winning US $ 18,000

Gold prices rose at around 12.40 pm on Thursday for a short time, but this increased and did not rise. In this period our short position was followed in 1296, while the European session revised up to 1291 gold prices. . At this point, we were short and profitable, and watched the evening's dataset. US data drinks. We will then go through a blank list near 1292, and then we will call back the 1288 gold price. The two singles have a combined total of US $ 18,000.

1.11 Gold Trade Review: On Friday, single, low, and at a single $ 10,000 yield, more than one follow-up

On Friday morning, the price of gold rose to 1286, and it was re-started. On Thursday evening, a lucrative departure took place, with more than 1288 on the rear. Thereafter, gold prices had a detrimental trend in the day. In 1294, the second highest peak was 1293, of which 1293 were 1293, of which the 1293 was the target of the article. So gold trading gave us a profitable period. It was not clear, and therefore did not participate in the market and was US $ 10,000 for the maintenance of each harvest.

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