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The company's chief is astounded about the culture of China and will watch it over the next year Zen Yun | Sky | Music

Royal Dutch financial consultant Claodeta observes CostaStark Polana and friends on the night of January 11 night, the warm and cool company[Epokṭayimsvārtākarulīkænaḍāvēmisisugāvāsajīvakalāmadhyasthānayētevanakāryasādhanayaanuvaṭiyurincitraśilpīnvisinekahan̆ḍinmesēpavasātibē"labanaavuruddēnævatabælīmaksiduvanuætasǣmavasarakamanavavæḍasaṭahanmālāvakæta[එපොක්ටයිම්ස්වාර්තාකරුලීකැනඩාවේමිසිසුගාවාසජීවකලාමධ්යස්ථානයේතෙවනකාර්යසාධනයඅනුවටියුරින්චිත්රශිල්පීන්විසින්එකහඬින්මෙසේපවසාතිබේ”ලබනඅවුරුද්දේනැවතබැලීමක්සිදුවනුඇතසෑමවසරකමනවවැඩසටහන්මාලාවක්ඇත

Shennu's performance was a tremendous performance: "The actor's extraordinary performance, as well as the high tech of the high tech and the entire stage drama, is amazing, I really like it."

It is praised on the theme "Poland" and as a result, "customs"

"My God, it's really amazing, all active characters are perfect, they fit perfectly."

Sheng Yan liked music by the live bands and "How beautiful the music is, the orchestra is excellent!"

In Zen Yun dance, the talk of the persecution of the farmer, the neglect of faith, and ultimately the protection of gods and enemies, Claude was appointed "highly contemplated and influenced."

She stated that they plainly state the Communist Party's oppression against the masses. "We know that we are worse than the Communist Party, far from many of us in a Communist country."

"I understand the fact that we are the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Government and our country is not a Communist country, but what happens in China as well," Polhena said. Is similar. "

"We know that this kind of performance is very good, the exposure of social issues in the arts, the persecuted by Falug Gmail sufferers." We know more than others! "He went on to say that this was the end of these persecutions.

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