Saturday , January 23 2021

The following is a reference to the following: The following week, Gold Appraisal Proposals 1.12, how gold can be obtained weekly, standstill, calls, bids, and parking loss – global sources

Source: Global Forex Market

Last week's Gold Survey:

For the second week of the week, we were able to get a single person a total of 47 points, usually an average of $ 4,700. Risk-based risk management is a great experience for 20 people running a week. $ 94,000 million. The total income is 658,000 yuan. Weekly speaker conversation, please mark for search. This week, 1.12 goldselling yield of 700,000 will buy you for gold operations next week "

It has been in the market for many years, we do not have enough time for a complete rest and our working hours are from 9 to 5 years, but were not we staying with customers for one night? I am responsible for believing my clients because I love this job, because I'm doing business as a profession. Some people are becoming Phoenix, while others are still dim and ultimately immersed in the fate of a person's marketplace. Do not be quick to get into the market, listen to the market. When you die in a night, think where you are doing it. What we lose is what we lose and what we do not spend the night. One person. Continuous judgment is correct, it should not be based on, or be on, detention, and continuous summarization and learning must be an inevitable result.

1.11 Gold Trade Review: On Friday, single, low, and at a single $ 10,000 yield, more than one follow-up

On Friday morning, the price of gold rose to 1286, and it was re-started. On Thursday evening, a lucrative departure took place, with more than 1288 on the rear. Thereafter, gold prices had a detrimental trend in the day. In 1294, the second highest peak was 1293, of which 1293 were 1293, of which the 1293 was the target of the article. So gold trading gave us a profitable period. It was not clear, and therefore did not participate in the market and was US $ 10,000 for the maintenance of each harvest.

Not only does every contraction of a successful transaction itself, but Risk Trading Plans always endorses the intended transaction, the logic of the marketing plan, every action is wise, firm and decisive! Of course, because everyone works together and work together, such successes can not be separated and they are confident in professional use. Work hard and hard to work.

Gold Trends Analysis and Strategy:

From the daily chart, the cheaply hardware prices are shorter, and the halt to stopping to the second highest point on Thursday, Thursday, 12:59, Thursday, but the gold price fix is ​​not yet strong. The rule, golden again repeated the test 1300. Normally, the MACD red-kinetic energy column is weakened and the slower and slower lines are less than the 0-axis and the KDJ index is lower. However, with the average moving slowdown of MA, it still has a temperature and RSI index. So gold prices can be maintained immediately.

Gold prices rose on Fridays from 4 hours. But it won day by day. The overall index of the technical sector is also a relatively short selling trend. MACD operates on the zero axis, and the green kinetic energy is down, while the KDJ index and the RSI indicator are short-handled, and the K-Line is currently less than 4 hours. Lord Blilling is a median supporter, and the risk of a short-term gold price rises is intensified. Then, the 1286 gold price is likely to fall further, with the following assistance being much different from 1278.

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