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The Spanish fans screaming a leak: he's been playing with my mother, watching him to play, asian cup, asep, more, yes, on – hacker football app

2019-01-12 12:15:05 Source: Hacker Football App

After receiving the China International Wu Lei Asian Cup twice in the Philippines, Kebei Radio in Spain and "Aspen" reporter praised him more than others.

Abroad! Spanish name: Other is more than others

After seeing the famous performance in Wu Lei, Julio Mildanado, the Corbe radio in Spain and "Aspen" reporter pulled out: "Today we are today the greatest players of the WEF Asian Cup, and his level is far above others."

The tele-drama has written a note of insight and some people have called for the competition to watch and a mother clash.

It should be noted that Voi Lea had arrived at the 9th place in Spanish hot spot, and his popularity appears to be high.

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