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2018-11-06 03:53:09 Source: Daily People

On Thursday, November 4, Zhuhai Tennis Classic WTA (International Women's Professional Network) finished singles final women's competition, although lost in Australian Cup 3: 6, 4: 6, Chinese player Wang Hao still relied to this other. With 360 points of harvest, I will raise the world rankings to the twentieth and create a high career.

With such progress to end the 2018 season, Wang Hao is full of expectations for the 2019 season, "to enter the Grand Slam Grand Slam week and try to take part in the final in Shenzhen!" With that goal, Wang Hao will be in the next winter training Go all out.

Strong promotion ending

Zhuhai Tennis Classic is called "the small end of the year," and nineteen to nineteen female players have the right to participate in individual competitions. Like several retired players, Wang is 22nd in the world. He was the first Chinese player to compete in the Zhuhai Tennis Classic class since 2015. The organizing committee sent the only wild card to another Chinese player, Zhang Shuai.

Wang Hao is the first group of games lost at the top of the seed of Casa Jinna, but stubbornly grabbed the board of the opponent and retained the hope of qualifying. In the second group of matches, facing the American star Case, Wang Hao dared to fight after the first set and even won the next two sets, and second place in the group.

After finishing the group match on a day, Wang Hao took a break at 3 am the next day, and the following morning he participated in the organizing committee's activities and suddenly announced at 4:30 pm afternoon while Kais retired Wang Hao replaced the bench. Semifinals match, start time is 19:00.

Wang Hao beat an opponent with a strong 6: 2, 6: 0 and moved to Zhuhai. In the quarterfinal, Wang Hao was in a semi-final match with colorful dice for the rest. Tennis elite women's singles final result.

Determine that the train is difficult

Although lost the ball in the final and failed to reach the perfect end for 2018, Wang Hao is still satisfied with his performance in the second half of the season.

In the May Clay season, the world order of Wang Hao falls to 91. Since then, he has introduced a number of discoveries. Jiangxi Open won the first WTA Tour Championship in his career, successfully defended the women's singles champion in the Asian Games in Jakarta, the third round of the US Open, the semi-finals at Wuhan Open and the top four in China Open. In the Zhuhai Tenis Classic class, he finishes at the "Little Year-end" final.

In the Zhuhai Tennis Classic class, facing the top 20 players in the world, Wang Wei has proven to have the ability to gain ground in this group. "In fact, since last year I won some of the top 20 players, and then I felt I had the ability to reach my current position, and I might put too much pressure on myself in the first half of this year and I did not achieve the expected goal, fortunately, in the second The situation is getting better and the "small end of the year" is the first time to compete in the final, which is a great experience for me and great progress, "said Wang Wei." Today's order has made the accumulations so far is precipitation. "

Wang Hao also honestly said he wanted to stay in the top 20 in the world and still have to continue to train. "First of all, physical fitness, you have to have enough physical strength to compete with players of this level, and then there is a powerful mentality, regardless of that. In that case, the leader is still behind, and you have to believe that you can do it."

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