Sunday , January 24 2021

"White snake: origin" You can use every frame as a wallpaper | White snake: source The new White King's legend

Commenting on the white serpent, "New World Dawn of New White Dawns" and "Summer Places", Shai Yazhi plays the buzz with sushi in the hearts of the people. The film, "White Snake: An Invention," was released yesterday, based on the classic IP, but the background of this story was Xu Xian and Bei Niaga's hundred years ago.

It has some IP base. But it is based on another perspective of the bass Susen and Susan's beloved front. When asked Bouu Susan when he saw Su Shiyan on the west coast, he asked him why he fell in love. The white snake and the green serpent are seen as animations first, but this classroom is already familiar with these classic characters. The Little Slayer Devil is a huge innovator and has attracted the attention of the audience with the looks of his character. The little blind devil is in a thousand years old devil, who is in charge of the mysterious creation of the tools, to change the fetters, to turn people into demons and demons. In addition, the film is a Chinese-American co-production. Used on the Chinese classical elements, Special Effects are used to create a more spectacular and shocking cost in Hollywood's special effects. "The Chinese-style philosophy is extremely beautiful, and frames can be used.

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