Monday , June 21 2021

Santander Jose Ordiz ‘comedian admitted to clinic after accident

Santander Jose Ordiz’s comedian ends up in a health center due to a house accident.

According to Ordiz on social media, he had an accident last Wednesday morning after falling from a significant height. I was hospitalized with severe injuries to my wrist and head.

Ordiz fell off a ladder as he tried to climb into the attic of his house.

“I’m going to sew my head as usual (i.e. bad) (I’m sewing more than Bukaramanga) .I do not know when I will leave here, but the prayers you say for me will be an encouragement. I am out of debt.

A few hours later, in order to give his followers peace of mind, he re-posted on the net, “I’m fine now! Thank you for your love and appreciation for me (…) because at this moment you have heard every word, every prayer, every prayer, every cry to God, I am my great prayer. Now I am here with my beloved and my dog ​​Doggo. I have not stopped not touching.

This Thursday morning, from home, he said he was better and even invited me to his comedy section around noon.

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