Saturday , April 17 2021

Students march between discomfort and blockade

Demonstration of the demonstration was normal.

In different parts of the country, pupils went on marching, requiring more resources for greater public education. The protests ended in acts of violence in cities such as Bogotá, Popayán and Bucharamanga where there were conflicts between uniformed and students. At Nevi Marš went smoothly.

The new March of university students was marked by acts of violence such as attacks on public forces, buildings and infrastructure, causing riots and blockades in different cities of the country.

Although in Neivia, the manifestations of the University of Surcolombiana students passed through normality and serenity, without public change, in cities like Bogot, Popayan and Buucamanga, no violent facts were waiting.

Some troubles were attacked by RCN Radio facilities in Bogotá.

In the capital of the country, some young men attacked some cops in color on their faces and in their uniforms. At that time, some unsuccessful attacked objects by RCN Radio, triggered flammable bombs that threatened the integrity of some police members who protected the building. In addition, incidents in the demonstration led to the collapse of the Transmilenio system, and several stations were closed while the situation was overcome.

In Popayana, nurses left 14 injured. At the end of mobilization plays Cauca University students, CUT members, Seine teachers and scientists were conflicts with public forces in the historic part of the city.

For two hours there were conflicts between the Esmad units and Unicauca student groups.

Students reported that March was infiltrated with masked men throwing stones at Esmad's units, causing a uniform reaction.

According to the Commission's report on human rights and health, at least 14 students were affected by tear and dull forces. Similarly, a member of Esmada was hurt.

In Bucaramanga, the riots introduced inside and outside the Santander Industrial University (UIS) in Bucharamang by hooligans, the authorities have expelled nearly 3,800 juveniles from the school near the apple mater.

Men with hoods were faced with mobile cops. Because of this situation, the UIS Steering Committee decided to suspend all activities programmed in the institutions so as not to endanger the safety of students and university employees.

While in cities such as Medellín and Barranquilla, it was normal. In Antioquia's capital, thousands of students, trade unionists and teachers have gone without any change to the main streets.

In the middle of the slogan, protesters sought more resources for higher education and questioned the "awkward" tax reform project, which, they said, would regressively face less-than-poor classes by including VAT on a family basket. The & # 39; The Arenosa & # 39; the day was developed peacefully and without any inconvenience. In addition, he was guarded by the authorities.


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