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Today’s exchange rate: Sunday, October 17 Find out which products are most affected by the dollar price and the dollar’s fall


According to the National Superintendent of Tax Administration (Contact) With the exchange rate going down Buy at S / .3,926 and sell at S / .3,938. There are a number of reasons for the significant fall in the exchange rate, but the main one is the resignation of former Prime Minister Guido Belido from the Cabinet.

The second factor could be the rise in copper prices. The increase in the price of copper is US $ 4.50 per pound. We are copper exporters. Every time your price goes up, more and more come Dollars Go to Peru and push the exchange rate down “Alberto Arispe, general manager of Kalpa SAB for the El Comorcio newspaper, commented:

What happened to the dollar drop

The impact of prices will not be immediate, it will be necessary to do so Stable low level In dollar terms. Home appliances, televisions, furniture, personal care items, cleaning, perfumes, medicines and vehicles will be mainly affected.

On the other hand, it will also affect rent and airline tickets. “Direct components represent 14% of the core basket and have shown a growth of 3.4% in the last 12 months, explaining 8% of inflation (5.2% as of September),” he said.

In line with this, Hugo Perera, Chief Economist at BBVA Research, noted that the change in the exchange rate will have a temporary impact on various imported goods, such as clothing, home appliances, toilet and beauty products, fuel and rent. .

Indirect effects are through other products such as chicken, sugar, bread, oil, eggs and other products such as soybeans, wheat and maize.

Apart from the fact that their prices change due to external factors, they are also affected by the exchange rate. Items related to these inputs represent 10% of the base basket and account for 35% of current inflation levels, ”Guerrero said.

The third component is water and electricity tariffs, which are adjusted in dollars and prices. This explains 10% of inflation by September. In addition to products such as oil and bread, it takes longer.

For example, if the exchange rate stabilizes, oil producers will revise prices when costs fall and if they expect a push from sales. If this does not happen, they will not be downgraded. There will be no increase or decrease in final prices parallel to the exchange rate, he said, adding that this will depend on the makers (companies) and how their markets are performing.

External factor

Representatives of BBVA Research and the Bank of Scotia concluded that the political issue affects inflation, however, despite the stable environment prices They are more responsive to external factors such as commodity prices, fuel, and supply chain.

The effect of the exchange rate does not directly affect the price, there are other factors that affect it. Its impact is marginal on inflation, but it will have an impact on expectations about it, ”Guerrero said.

Agricultural commodities have begun to decline, but it is not yet clear how crops in the southern and northern hemisphere will grow next year, Perera said.

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