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[VIDEO] 9 Moments Out of the Series & # 39; Chris Froome's passage to Colombia

He seemed to be another Colombian, and the first who was interested in joining Columbian customs was his host, Rigoberto Urán, who taught him his simple way of speaking.

"I'm going to Medellin, Mijo," Christopher said on a social network born in Urra, Antioquia.

Then, on the same flight, he allowed anyone to convince him that the fans of the Junior Football Federation Barranquille would be satisfied with this funny statement:

Already in the "mountain capitals", the British biker began to enjoy the Latin American kitchen through journalist Mario Sábata, who met him with lulo juice. The runner gave forward a new drink, with the background laughter of those who were present on the table:

In a simple day of vacation in Guatape, the bicycle had the opportunity to show off its exceptional aerobic conditions. Notifies all the time he managed to keep underwater after diving:

He did not want to drive Metro, so he did it together with the mayor of the city, Federico Gutiérrez. In the same way, people have had the opportunity to be close to this sports star:

Already for the start of the competition, the star took a microphone and invited the audience to go to the top. The audience response was impressive ovation:

He was not interested in running the race as well as in major European cycling competitions. Enjoy the landscape and fill the dream of the hundreds of spectators who came to the road to meet it, it was the priority of the leader of Heaven.

Without thinking of the goal and leading the Uranus, the British did not only visit the Colombian mountains. He also made several stops to record pictures with people, shared with other drivers who participated in the race and received acknowledgments.

After Giro de Rigo saw riding with his friend in the streets of Guatapé, where they once again showed his favor with the riders who were accompanied by the Carabinieri police.

The head of the Sky line has shown its easiest side when massage at & # 39; Rigo & # 39; after riding a bicycle. A Sample of Cycling is one of the sports in which there is more friendship:

The culmination of a famous runner's visit was a party with urban music, where he showed that there was no "best momentum" for dance, but the attitude toward which he measured everything he was putting.

Already in serious part Froome said he was surprised by receiving his sport in the country and added that he was well-received by the public, showed interest in seriously competing. Ensures that the door is open and that its return can occur very quickly; more precisely in about 3 months, when the second edition of the Colombia Oro y Paz race, category 2.1, is currently being played by his team-mate Egan Bernal.

"It was not something I had in mind, but after all, I will talk to the Colombian Bicycle Alliance and see," he said.

Raúl Gabriel Campos Castiblanco – Kolumbija.com

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