Sunday , August 14 2022

Join in the dancing! Mirai Novertil and Marika Stardens did not move away from the fingers


The first round of Star Dance is behind us and thus the first inseparable party. Jan Cena and Tom Werner starred on the field, while Mirai Navarthil (29) was the pub’s leading scorer. He is the protagonist of a passage that takes place secretly in the center of Prague. Her husband, Marika Oposk, 31, was also attracted to him. At one point their heads were so close that they acted like Siamese twins!

In the dance pocket, they are against each other, outside the cameras, they are happy, I don’t think. Twice Marika’s mother gave Mirai Navertil all the back fingers.

Although he did not play on the floor like a great dancer, he later showed his strongest weapon to the fingers. And the spelling, it’s not obscure. Not even a married couple.

Marika is a bit confused about her relationship with Tatiana Wilhelmova. Manel Oposk is a filmmaker named Peter Ichk, 41, who was one of the two producers of Power Ech and divorced him.

From our pictures, it is especially clear that Marika is constantly sticking something in Mira’s eye and he is smiling cunningly. Hereka wraps her arms around his shoulders and holds a wedding ring in his hand.

If we do not know that not a loving husband but two beautiful sons will be happy to marry her at home, we begin to think that we are looking at a new Star Dance.

It should be noted, however, that Mirai is surrounded by dark circles that appear at the top of Navarthil. His company certainly does not matter. He spent a permanent hero only with Marika. Even when Michael was fascinated at home.

For their safety, it is necessary to add that the house went to each other. But they heard sweat in their eyes.

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