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Shocking view! Is Ivana Gottova really like that?

Someone will try to evolve, but someone will find it over time. Ivana Gotova is often the way she affects the public. It told her her zodiac. The widow of the famous singer is a dragon and they are very serious and cold. On the other hand, they will give for others. This is what Ivana did while caring for Coral Got.

Got works from the beginning as soon as the public starts to understand her. She never committed significant fraud and was always loyal to Carl Gott. His fans rightly thought she was too serious and not as hot as expected.

In fact, her mark reveals that she is honest and has a sense of responsibility. He keeps his promise. She likes to laugh, but at no cost. He never forces anything. In principle, she does not like fights and aggression. She often likes to take care of others who like her more.

The stars looked at her as if she had not talked much about her desires and dreams. It takes her a long time to find the courage to do them. In short, Ivana likes to focus on others more than herself. But it also does no harm.

Coral had everything for her, and he lovingly cared for her until she died

Maybe she’s trying for the first time since her husband’s death. Got’s care must have exhausted her and it made so much sense that she didn’t have time for herself. As a graduate nurse, she knew exactly what to do. Got was its best caretaker.

Although the public did not like her so much, many who knew her could not say a wrong word about her. Mirek Imenek, who updated the aristocratic message with Ivana Gottova, cannot praise her as a colleague and friend. He hugged her like no one else.

“She was a great colleague. Cognitive, imaginative, patient. It worked for us personally and we became friends. According to the portal, a sub-administrator said, “I do not know how her ears treated us like a neutral tandem.

Got is a very shy man

“Every actor has a background and mentor in their family. So there is no doubt that it is Ivana’s condition. But I never talked to her about it. I don’t ask about other people’s personal things. If they want to tell me myself, I’m glad to listen to them.

Director Olga Epotov talked about her and she made a documentary about the ears. “Ivanka is very shy. He’s not the kind of person who runs fast in front of cameras. I always asked her if I really liked the movie, ”he told Ipoh.

“It simply came to our notice then. I mean, I shouldn’t have the desire to show her what she looks like. She is now. Let everyone say what they want. She is the one you see in the movie. “She is a very kind and dedicated woman,” she said.

Trailer for the documentary film Coral

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