Wednesday , July 6 2022

The best-selling author’s mystery is revealed: they are three men


Three writers and screenwriters were hiding in Spain behind the successful female literary nickname Carmen Mola. The men decided to reveal their identities on Friday night from King Philip VI of Spain. Major Literary Prize of the Primio Planeta Competition. The three writers received one million euros (approximately 25 million crowns) for their latest detective novel, La Bestia.

The nickname Carmen Mola first appeared in the Spanish literary environment in 2018. By then, the three men had published the detective novel La Novia Gitana, which immediately attracted a large readership. The main character is Commissioner of Police Elena Blankova, who also appears in two other series in the Book of Police Trinity. In all, the three novels sold 400,000 copies.

But behind the female nickname were actually three writers and screenwriters, Jorge Diaz, Augustine Martinez and Antonio Mercero. On Friday night, they received the prize from the King of Spa Spain.

Revealing the true identity is a bit unexpected. “Speculation about who Carmen Mola was was a lot of fun, and it’s a lot of fun to say that Manuela (former mayor of Madrid) is behind her,” Augustine Martිනnez said. According to Antonio Mercer, what matters in every book is the story, not who wrote it.

El Pass daily reminds us that Carmen Mola is another nickname that has gained much attention in contemporary European literature. This is the Italian nickname Elena Ferrante, and the novel is also popular in the Czech Republic. The Italian media has long speculated as to who is hiding behind the name. In the past, the media quoted Italian writer Dominico Starnon or his wife Anita Rajova as the founder of Elena Ferrante. However, none of them have yet signed the nickname.

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