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The rhythm, after moving to Darah, was engaged. Jasmine told him that

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Will it become my life? YES. This happened in Bosnia, around a shopping center in its favorite city. She did not know until the last second, I wore a solid ring. It was crown, emo and so natural. At this point, I was the one who lived all his life, and I think he kneeled before his life and gave his hand, that's the indispensable cruel feeling I learned, Rhythm wrote on Socil's seams.

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SuperStar Moderator Jasmina Alagi is a Slovenian with a Bosnian-Hungarian comedian. She joined the showbike model, the Miss Universe Slovakia 2009 final. The relationship with Rytmus was confirmed in May, two months after the break with Daro Rolins.

Rhythm and Dara Rolins announced this summer. She said it was an initiative that she did not fall on her side. When she was in her relationship, she had a similar lifestyle with Rytmus and understood and did not even finish.

Probably because we are at this step in a whit when sm. And when you go too far, that's not good. You're good at home, come out … I've been thinking about pausing for a long time. The feelings we had to do the same, we both honored, but the initiative of the Finns did not suck me, Dara Rolins told Magazn DNES.

Dara Rolinssova released her first album at the age of 9, and for 12 she performed on the blueprint Zvonke tst, which she sang with Karel Gott. As a referee appeared in EscoSloven SuperStar and Czechoslovakian Voice. With deputy Mathew Homolom, daughter of Laura.

In 2011 he joined Slovakian repertoire Patrick Vrbovsko, performing under the name Rhythm.

Rhythm on the Slovakian music scene since 1992, with rap beatbikes. In 2001 he met rapper Ego and DJ Ane and set up Djavu, later known as Contrafact. In 2006 Rytmus was set up by its own publisher of tax records. Among his biggest hits are Pat, Zlatokopky and the controversial dog Jebe. In 2015 he presented a film about his life RYTMUS sdliskov sen.

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