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Zimolina is no longer in the National House, his powers were taken over by Editor Brna Onderke

Jiří Zimola, who resigned on Wednesday as First Vice-President of the Social Democrat, took over the afternoon of former Mayor Brna and Deputy Roman Onderka on Friday. After an hour of CSSD leader's meeting at the National House, Social Democratic President Jan Hamacek announced.

"Political office appointed Deputy Prime Minister Roman Onderaka to represent the deputy chairman of the CSSD," Hamáček said. "This is a formal matter, because it is necessary to have someone who can represent a president, for example, outside the country and some legal action is needed," he added.

Social Democrats chose a similar pattern of Bohuslav Sobotka's departure when CSSD was led by Milan Chovanec and Jan Hamacek represented when it was necessary to sign the decision.

"Undoubtedly I will get some work, but I can do it," he commented Onderko's new position, and the party leadership was able to deal with the situation. At the CSSD Congress next March, Social Democrats will choose a new leadership.

Governor and Vice-President Pardubice Martin Netolický, considering the redistribution of jurisdiction after Zimola, joked and hinted at the results of the former second most important man in leadership. Assignment of authority, according to him, does not require much time. "Although my colleague was the most effective, we have a different experience, so I think the discussion about these abilities will be very fast," he said, exaggerating before the Social Democratic Party meeting.

Zimol then processed Netolicky towards Napoleon, who united Europe suddenly – but against himself. "Jiri Zimola joins the history of social democracy as one of the unions at the time of the 140th anniversary of the Social Democrats, which is certainly good because we all know that Napoleon was one of the largest unions in Europe," Governor Pardubice said after the meeting.

Zimolu was criticized for the negative valuation of the leadership of the Social Democrats, as well as the composition of the government or the party program. His portrait among the top of the Social Democrats is no longer in the hands of the National House, his empty nail spot. Even after resignation, Zimola negatively evaluates his colleagues. Hamacek indirectly encouraged her to leave her complaints due to closed domestic negotiations.

"It is our main responsibility to act in the government, encourage our agenda and refuse to drown in some internal debates and quarrels, that our voters are not interested," Hamacek said, recalling that members should not jointly discuss media. "And I will look for all members of the Social Democrats," said CSSD president.

Zimola resigned on Wednesday after declaring his decision to President Hamacek and President Milos Zeman. He was in office for less than nine months.

He explained his departure because he failed to make the changes he had requested. They also wondered what the ministers of the Hamas chose for the government or what a common campaign looked like. "The meeting was a meeting of the Central Executive Board in Hradec Králové, when most of me said that they did not share the same opinion as me," he said in an interview for Aktuálně.cz.

Most of the members of the Office and the wider leadership of the Central Executive Board (both parties met two weeks ago in Hradec Králov), Zimol sharply criticized his conversations, with almost no one with the former Czech Governor.

Zimola is committed to returning to the traditional face of the CSSD, and together with former President Michal Heseko, is among the supporters of President Milos Zemana, but the party wants to become a modern left-wing pro-European political group. Zimol's colleagues are concerned about criticizing party leadership and further reducing it to devastating currents of opinion. He also worried that Zimola had asked for some ministers to exchange.

After leaving the position of Vice-President Zimola, he did not refuse his reservation. In an interview with Aktuálně.cz he said some members should leave. "Yes – I am critical for some people and I would like the social democrats to resolve. If the party does not have the strength, I'm afraid it will be the end of social democracy," Zimola said, still running for the presidency. CSSD will have a new lead in voting next spring.

Another CSSD man Jiří Zimola announces that he ends up in the leadership of the party

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