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An urgent decision to award all the employees of that government body a financial reward of the minimum of LE 1800 and without the highest amount

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It is an urgent decision to give all employees of this state administration body a financial reward of the minimum LE 1800 and without the highest amount. The implementation was immediately published on Thursday, November 8, 2018, citing the Egypt Fife website.

In a pleasant surprise to all government agency employees, the Steering Board decided to approve all 6-month earnings from basic salary in July 2015 at a minimum of LE 1800 without beginning, beginning of the current month during the first week.

Allow 6 months for all employees

The Essam Al Saghir Management Board has revealed that all employees have been granted a six-month bonus after the approval of all members of the Board of Directors. To raise the burden on them and their families in the coming period and meet the needs of family members and their daily needs.

The current government is trying to raise the burden on many citizens during this phase, particularly in light of the economic conditions of the state's testimony and rising prices, especially after the Egyptian central bank's decision to liberalize the Egyptian pound exchange rate against all foreign currencies.

The decision was made by the Postal Administration to encourage all employees to make a great effort at this stage, and the competition banks attract numerous customers and provide meaningful services to citizens at that stage as it provides many tangible services to retirees.

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Source: Egypt Fife

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