Tuesday , May 24 2022

Announces new Corona Certificate prices and Health Passport Types of Health


The Ministry of Health and Population has announced the issuance of Certificate Vaccination Certificates with the Corona virus vaccine, certifying their documentation and approval, and the prevention of counterfeiting.

Corona Health Passport

The Ministry of Health, in coordination with the Ministry of Communications, directed the Ministry of Communications to expedite the launch of the Egyptian Health Passport Electronic Application with the circulation of an explanatory copy of the working procedure and mechanism of the application in disclosure of citizens in coordination with the Ministry of Communications. Vaccination site.

When the application is ready for use in all required workplaces and institutions, send it to the Cabinet and to all the Ministries of Higher Education, Education and Regional Development.

Corona Health Passport

The ministry said the “Egyptian Health Passport” electronic application included a feature showing how to vaccinate in 3 colors.

Red: –

Indicates that the person has not received a corona virus vaccine.

Yellow: –

Indicates that the person was given only the first dose of the vaccine.

Green: –

This means that the person has received two doses of the vaccine.

New prices for obtaining approved certificates for corona virus vaccination with a Qr code

100 Certificate: –

Issuance of certificates for those who have been vaccinated against the new corona virus, using QR coding technology and not for travel purposes.

Conditions for obtaining corona certificates

Extract Terms: –

Only the national number is written on it and the passport data is not written on it.

Certificate worth 250: –

Issuance of travel certificates for those who have been vaccinated against the emerging corona virus with QR code technology.

Extract Terms: –

Make sure the passport and visa are not for travel purposes.

Conditions for obtaining a new Corona certificate

1000 EGP Certificate of Value: –

Issuance of certificates for new corona virus vaccine holders using QR code technology for tourism.

Extract Terms: –
Make sure your passport and visa are for travel.

The Ministry of Health and Population continues to increase the readiness of all governors’ offices in the Republic to monitor the status of the “emerging corona virus” directly and to take all necessary preventive measures against any virus or infectious disease. A number of media outlets were also set aside to solicit citizens’ inquiries about the rising corona virus and infectious diseases. In addition to the “Health Egypt” app, which includes the “105”, “15335” hotline and WhatsApp number “01553105105”, it is available on phones and can be downloaded from the following two links:
Android version
IPhone version

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