Saturday , April 17 2021

Cartieron and Coulibaly on a date with the history of Ahli and Reggie

French duo Patrice Cartiron, technical coach of the club and financial defender Salif Coulibaly, is a date with history if they manage to catch the African prince in charge of the Tunisian attacker.

Ahli clashed in the second leg of the African ranks in Tunisia after the first league in Borg El Arab, on Friday night, with a red team winning three to one goal and the Red Team will only score a negative draw or defeat for a free goal to win the title of the African League of Champions for the ninth time in Dok Al Taraji must win two free games to conquer the continental title.

In the event Ahly wins the title, Duo Cartierón and Coulibaly will become a unique achievement, becoming the first duo to win the African League of Champions with two different teams after winning the championship with Conglomerate Mazembe 2015 and Cartier will make a special number, becoming the third crown crown coach . African clubs with two different teams.

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