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Details of circulating sex videos of two women in Sharqia reveal security.


04:03 pm

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Books – Ela Omran:

The security forces of the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the Office of the Director of Defense of Sharqia, revealed the possibility of circulating pornographic videos through the WhatsApp in the Abu Kabir area.

Security forces have seen several videos circulating through the “WhatsApp” app of a man who had an affair with a woman among villagers in the Abu Kabir police station department in al-Sharqia. Circulation of another video depicting a girl in an obscene manner and contrary to common morality.

During the investigation, the security forces of the Sharjah Defense Director’s Office were able to identify the suspect appearing in the above video (resident of Abu Kabir Police Station) and found that the woman mentioned in the same video was residing. At the same address, “relative to the defendant.” The girl appearing in the clip was also identified. The other video (resident in the same area).

After the procedure was legalized, the housewife-girl was arrested, and during their discussion, the housewife accused the first defendant of filming her if she had unknowingly engaged in immoral acts and spread the video among the villagers and the girl. She decided that there was a relationship between her and someone on the social network, and that she took the second video of her own free will, and she sent him the video on promise to marry her, but she was surprised that he released the video without her knowledge.

Legal action has been taken and efforts are being made to arrest the first accused.

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