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2021 Saturday, April 3 Quinta + in St. Cloud: Forecast

Find Dominic Codier’s predictions for Saturday, April 3, 2021, in Prix du Langudek, Saint-Cloud. Departure at 2 p.m. At 3.15 p.m.. 16 starters. Management Disabled. Dish. 2,000 m. Thoroughbreds 4 years of age and older.

To everyone’s surprise, it was its fourth public appearance at the Fourth Place on March 14 in Compagnie, 8 Jupira It also showed that she had a chance to win a second. That’s why she’s our favorite here 3 Go with the wind, The winner is also at this level, but whose abilities have diminished at this level?

Our last minute, 12 About My LifeAt the age of seven, he was one of the oldest of the Pelotons. However, she is valued and does all of her shopping. It’s hard to see her win here, but nothing stops her from running for the new runner-up spot.

For outsiders, you have to look 2 Narcos, It can be retrieved due to grass fixation or 1 Champ de Mars, At exactly the same time. Our regret is none other than the 15th Isidro, which in our opinion should be raced between horses who want to set their rhythm and it is not.


8. Jupira
3. Go with the wind
2. Drugs
12. About my life
10. Falcon Run
5. Manifico
1. Champ de Mars

Last minute:

12. About my life

Counter Results Thursday, April 1, Chantilly:

It was, as expected, the party of the underworld. Last minute 5th place.

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