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A new outfit for Jennifer is 4 4,000


It seems that Jennifer is determined to blow up all the counters with the price of her clothes for this all-star season in The Voice. She’s unbroken by a new fashion designer who spends a small fortune in the semi – finals.

Weeks go by and not the same The ice of all the stars. Although she was disappointed in the cross battles, her beloved Al. Seeing that he was leaving, Jennifer recovered and was determined to give her maximum support for her abilities at home before the final. And as usual, the singer, who testifies to 20 years of experience in the music world, has done it in style. Because if you watch the performances of his talents every week, the coach’s clothes too.

Video. Jennifer’s minute

A radical change in style

After opting for a black and red blazer outfit, Jennifer opted for a red and white band this time around, opting for a gray non-slip jacket paired with a pair of simple legs and a pair of patent stiletto heels. . The singer’s image has a simple, yet elegant look, but is made up of re-designed pieces that add a bit of salt to the final result.

The signing for Caledonia costs only. 14.95, according to Jennifermod’s Instagram account, which is worth ඉහළ 3,090. Add to that a pair of Alexander Warrior boots (the singer’s favorite shoemaker) for 98 985, giving you a look up to the nearest 5 cents, with a total value of 4 4,000.

Season of all records

Often reserved for the prices of her clothes Voice, Jennifer seems to have decided to have fun for this All Star season wardrobe. Last week its set also exceeded 4 4,000 in total value. Clearly, his fans will soon be unable to imitate his looks. But as a reminder: the clothes worn by the singer and the other members of the jury are usually clothes borrowed by great designers in the hope of gaining some publicity. Everyday Jennifer likes to wear cheap pieces and especially Sarah prefers the brand.

Video – “Voice All Stars”: Jennifer’s Amalia, Amalia, Controversy in Semi-Finals.

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