Monday , April 12 2021

calling "Black Bloc" to mobilize against Donald Trump's arrival

Collectors associated with the "Black Block", radical militants dressed in black, hood, breaking street furniture, humiliating trade and clashing with police during demonstrations, called mobilization, all the necessary means "and" take over the leadership of the procession. "

Paris will be at the heart of world news this weekend, and the French authorities will not accept capital threats. Paris will host 72 leaders of states and governments and 98 foreign delegations on November 11th and the Peace Forum to be held on Saturday and Sunday. A sensitive security situation, especially when the Prefecture police approved Sunday at the rally against the arrival of Donald Trump, which will take place at the Republic Square at 14 o'clock.

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According to a confidential note of the Intelligence Administration of the Prefecture Police, which he received Parisian , "Several thousand people" are expected at this gathering. The document also mentions "the risk of overflows due to the anticipated creation of the Black Block." This movement, regularly present in demonstrations, has gathered 1,200 people during the Paris Parade on 1 May. It consists of militans dressed in black, with hoods, breaking down street furniture, humiliating trade and conflict with the police. Specifically, the Black Block is opposed to capitalism, governments, police forces, and globalization.

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According to a confidential note from the police station, "if confirmed by the possibility of gathering, 200 to 400 elements with high violent potential may be required to compete and try to reach the edge of the US embassy, ​​the Élysée Palace and / or the Grande Halle de la Villette where they will be open the first issue of the Paris Peace Forum. "

There are 10,000 security forces mobilized

On website, one of the reference sites, there is a mobilization call launched by Anti-Fascist Action Paris-Banlieue. Invites "all interested to mobilize during the Sunday, November 11, with all the necessary resources and take the lead in the demonstration against Donald Trump." According to those activists who are defined as "autonomous and revolutionary", the arrival of the US president "is a violation for all victims of his policy." The event is redirected to the social networks of many other collectives as well as the France Palestine Solidarity Association.

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During the demonstration in Paris on May 1, 1200 Black Block activists were present at the front of the procession, according to expectations of 400 to 500. A total of 31 companies were buried and 16 vehicles were burned with a rebel hood. To avoid slipping, the new interior minister Christophe Castaner wanted to respond by number. Almost 10,000 security forces will be mobilized in Paris this weekend to "secure the entire facility: places where authorities will gather and host different places to host events," he said. Thursday.

The Interior Minister said he was "serene and confident". "But we have to be very careful", especially in the face of "terrorist risk" and "radical movement," he said. Security perimeters and control measures will be installed around the various places pertaining to the monument, according to the police prefecture. Just like Musée d'Orsay, who will host dinner on Saturday night by President Emmanuel Macron to host 72 heads of state and government, or around the Philharmonic Orchestra north of Paris, where a few foreign delegation gigs will be held.

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contacted The FigaroFrédéric Lagache, Deputy General Secretary of the Alliance's Alliance – the national police, was less "serene" than his minister. "We know that it will be violent protesters. It's dramatic and unacceptable, but it's a proven fact. We hope we can challenge them before the rally degenerates," he says. In particular, he calls for a "strong criminal response" to these violent acts. On Tuesday, six of the ultra-right sympathizers were arrested in France. According to sources close to the investigation, they had plans for a violent action against President Emmanuel Macron.

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