Saturday , May 8 2021

Cyril Hanouna: This incredible record that should not make him happy

This is an inspirational immersion into the world of audio-visual police. On Saturday, November 3rd, FranceInfo published an incredible article that specifically returns to the list of complaints submitted to the CSA. Cyril Hanouna is at the top of this unprecedented rank.

That's the case that agitates French small screen world, Oct. 31, Cyril Hanouna decided to return to the burning theme at Touche Dog à Mon Poste: Shock photos by Karine Ferri, released a few years ago in the Playboy magazine after switching to bachelor. Forbidden broadcasting in France, this is a Belgian place that has recently appeared. When transferring these pictures to TPMP, Cyril Hanouna put his finger in the gear, because on the TF1 side, the answer was not slow to hear.

Since November 1, managing the first channel in Europe reacted with murderous statements, condemning the "systematic campaign of mutilation" against Karine Ferri, led by Cyril Hanoun and his columnists. TF1 also indicated that it entered CSA. This is not the first time that the C8 problematic is the subject of objections filed with audiovisual cops. Worse still, he would have an absolute record! In an article published on Monday, Nov. 5, journalists of FranceInfoa meet their immersion into the world of CSA where the complaints are flocked every day, Among television viewers dissatisfied with television content, irritated by hosts, guests, or sequences, audiovisual cops must compile with the canal guégerres and slippages some recidivists.

Cyril Hanouna breaks the records

Indeed, in keeping with Franceinfo, Cyril Hanouno holds a non-so-prestigious " palm recommendation ". Remember, on May 18, 2017, while living on C8 at the special premier's control, Cyril Hanoun traps homosexuals by creating a fake ad on a gay dating site. The continuation of the sequence raised such a wave of anger that at least 38,930 "recommendations" were received in the CSA – what is called jargon. I have never seen, As French journalists convey: "A year and a half later, teams in the Watch Department are still feeling dizzy. One thing now seems safer: with the latest controversy of bare photographs by Karine Ferri who opposes TF1, Cyril Hanoun has a good chance of stay in the small newspapers of CSA.

As for the "2018 record", he is Yann Moix who is on the 23rd of September at the C8, after crossing the field on Saturday at C8. The writer attacked police officers who came to talk about the growing uncertainty of the profession. The virulent outbreak of Yann Moix caused a rain recommendation: a total of 3.889 received in the CSA. Always Thierry Ardisson, this Sunday Terrans, are Eric Zemmour's words against Hapsatou Sy, who created just over 300 recommendations. On the other side, show Pascal Praud, hour of Cnews experts, there are no remarks: a total of 1000 recommendations have been received since the beginning of the year.

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