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League 1 – Renes hits St. Etienne, Bordeaux stagnates on 10th


Mets – Renes: 0-3

The ceasefire did not stop Stein Renais’ pace. The Red and Black Mets stepped up their pace to correct (0-3), the author of a stunning victory over PSG (2-0) before international matches. In the first period, the Brightons were quickly taken care of, leading 3 to 0. Gaiton Labard took advantage of his fourth consecutive game to bring his tally to seven (0-1, 24). Kamaldeen Suleiman controlled a superb goal (0-2, 37) before seeing the Martin Terrier take the score home (0-3, 45). If Renes relaxes after the break and moves to 6th, the Mets will be unable to lift their head and admit another setback, finishing sixth. The 18th-ranked Metz Club is stuck in the bottom of the rankings.

  • in brief : Renas confirms the renewal in a beautiful way. Bruno Ganesio seems to have found the right formula.

League 1

Bordeaux and Roche go their own way

10/07/2021 p.m. 5:04 p.m.

Strasbourg-St Etienne: 5-1

Strasbourg did not give a gift to St. Etienne. With no wins for two games, the Alsatians have left the lead in a good way. After the dismissal of Saidu Yusuf, 44, the attack on the Greens was reduced to ten. If Maxim Le Marchand started scoring (1-0, 26th), the Strasbourg attackers would have all taken advantage of it and scored: Kevin Gamiro (3-1, 69), Ludovic Ajork (5-1, 79) and Habib Diallo (5-1, 85) started to shake the net. If Wahabi Kasri had reduced the deficit (2-1, 45), St. would have sunk again with his sixth defeat in his last seven games after seeing Saidu Yusuf score (2-0, 38). The competition is in 8th place and the Greens are in last place.

  • in brief : We will have to figure out what electric shock can do for these greens, which is very worrying.

Claudel Puel on the 10th in League 1 at ASSE (5-1) on Strasbourg turf

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Bordeaux – Nantes: 1-1

At this meeting, everything was played at the beginning of the last quarter of the half hour. After an hour-long (62nd) lead by Hwang Ui-jo, Bordeaux compensated for the injury to its lone scorer ten minutes into the day. In the 73rd minute, the South Korean international jumped alone and caused a stupid injury. The result: a relaxed right ankle and an FCGB team that played a few minutes to ten minutes. This is what Nantes woke up to. Antoine Kumbova’s men took advantage of a counter ball, went to the right, faced with diminished and obscure Bordeaux, and found Pedro in the Chiriwella area (75). Girondins, the 17th-ranked volunteer, was in a state of chaos before leaving the lawn.

  • in brief : Bordeaux celebrated its 140th year. Partnering with supporters, special jersey, beautiful sunshine: everything was shining. But Bodelis missed the boat.

Brest – Reims: 1-1

Brest needed this fact. Trapped in the depths of stability, Breton prevented the league from losing for the fourth time in a row in a 1-1 draw against Stade de Reims in front of Frances Le Blu’s fans. After a goal from Waut Face in the 12th minute, SB29 extended the lead in the second half by delivering football in accordance with its principles, that is, with impressive and inspiring football. The Brightons snatched the equalizer in the 74th minute after a masterpiece signed by long volleyball author Frank Honert. At the end of the match Reims put a lot of pressure on the goal but the premises were unable to move towards victory.

  • in brief : Brest secured the look with the draw but this time they have yet to win.

League 1

A little miracle for Bordeaux, a big regret about Renas

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