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Lily: After PSG, Eltang pushes to arbitration! – football

Despite Lilly’s decisive victory over Paris Saint – Germain (1-0) on Saturday, Northern President Olivier Elton’s shock from League 1 does not digest Benoit Bastian’s settlement during this poster.

Lily: April

Olivier Eltang returns to arbitration in Park des Princes.

Lily President Olivier Eltang has everything to be a happy man, having allowed his team to regain control of the classification after a shock (1-0) victory at the top of Ligue 1 on Saturday (1-0) at Paris Saint-Germain.

However, this does not necessarily happen because he was satisfied with two of Benoit Bastian’s arbitration decisions at a meeting where the leader’s satisfaction was considered unfair.

Eltang does not digest for David …

The first came in the 17th minute when Parisian midfielder Idrissa Guevara was given a simple yellow card despite Jonathan David’s big push. Lily Stryker tried to continue the match for four hours before deciding to leave her place in the 35th minute and scored the winning goal. The LOSC announced on Monday that the Canadian is a Canadian Suffering from a lateral fracture of the right ankle And that he would not attend A few weeks And the end of a square sprint.

If we talk about the homogeneity of the treatment, I think this is not the case today. We have a player who will be inactive for a few weeks. We hope he can return as soon as possible. It is true that life is difficult. We all see it live and we do not understand why the VAR and the judge do not intervene, The Northern boss lamented. In fact, after this match at the Parc des Princes, we have an injured player who was injured by an opponent and was not injured. And we lose our player for a few weeks.

Remedy for Dalo’s red

Following the clash with Neymar, who traveled around the world, Eltang has been given another reassurance about a second warning that looks like a red card. The only offense was to catch the ball in his hand before the Brazilian was mocked for expelling the Portuguese. We have a player, it did nothing for me, we told the referee very clearly after the game, we ask to cancel the second yellow card, because the scene at the end of the match is because Tiago Jalo is a victim, The leader has assessed. An argument with Nai on the way to the locker room shows that the LFP’s disciplinary committee is likely to see the people of the north as relaxed.

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