Thursday , May 6 2021

More than 300 hectares of forest were set on fire

By Jean-Michel Desplos

This Saturday, at noon, a fierce fire broke out in the town of Avenson

The warning was issued around 4:20 p.m., and this Saturday morning, the fire was still out of control. By 10pm, more than 300 hectares of pine forest had already been cleared of smoke. A total of 147 firefighters and vehicles arrived at the scene and the fire was put out by strong winds.

A dash-type bomber was assisted by a helicopter from the department’s fire and rescue service overnight. The fire quickly spread to the city of Arsak. As a precautionary measure, the couple moved out of an isolated house. Gender was also there and the traffic was diverted. RD 1215 and RD 208 are closed to traffic on the perimeter of firefighters’ intervention. The origin of the case is unknown at this time. There were no injuries.

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