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return to three years of conflict

The host of French TVs does not support the way a columnist is Do not touch my post! has criticized her work for several years and asked the C8 administration to intervene.

Thursday, our colleagues from Audiovisual letter he discovered that Michel Cymes, through his attorney, sent a letter to C8 leaders to complain Do not touch my post!, In question, a new slogan of criticism took place last October 17th About his documentary Adventures medicine devoted to sexuality. "I find it unbearable to see witnesses of the show, who have entrusted us with the support of being exposed to the camera, to be attacked," said the host of France 2.

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Without naming, it was once again Gilles Verdez who managed to bother Michela Cymes. Between the two men, the conflict lasted more than three years, the doctor does not support the overwhelming and insulting remarks of the chronicler TPMP, A favorite host of the Frenchman accepted Caller Hanoune's call three times in his talk show but did not come from July 5, 2013. A few weeks later, Gilles Verdez joined the band's column …

October 28, 2015 in Do not touch my post! at C8
Gilles Verdez pushes a joke against Michel Cymesa. "He spent his time and his programs giving us lessons, he looks like a great PAF physician, a moralizer … It's just for him, so stupid to hear him," he told theatrically. "In return, the French TV host responded to Twitter : "The terrible effects of gluten-free diet on the chronicle of the brain TPMP, The whole heart with the rest of the team. "

February 10, 2016 in Do not touch my post! at C8
Gilles Verdez's new cup against the show Adventures medicine in France 2. "It was bad because the mix of genres does not work," he said. "I've looked at myself, maybe I'm stupid, but I did not understand anything." There is a case where the confidence of the hosts takes precedence over the viewer's pleasure and that's not normal, Michel Cymes has to get down to earth, has a melon, a big head … " decided to defend on Twitter: "Is the best criterion for the show's knowledge successful? When was Gilles Verdez TPMP admit that you did not understand anything! #mononeurone "

February 15, 2016 in C for you to France 5
Guest Anne-Sophie Lapix, Michel Cymes answered the question about his exchange with Gilles Verdez. "The criticism of the show is a game, we love it or we do not like it, we criticize it … But insults, like any other human being, can not stand and defend myself," he explained. "This gentleman, who is a sports commentator that nobody wants to comment on the game of the Division of Honor, not only criticizes the show, he has the right but also offends me by calling a megalomaniac, egocentric, stupid guy, etc."

March 6, 2016 in Media, mag to France 5
Re-examined TPMPMichel Cymes explained why he would not return to Cyril Hanoune's program. "I went two or three times Do not touch my post! In the beginning. From the moment someone was offended by me, "he said." We have never talked so much about this guy (Gilles Verdez, ed) since he was offended. Besides, he does not insult me. Have this type of "chroni-sniper" that kills people permanently on the chain of this very beautiful group that is Canal + unworthy.

October 17, 2018 in Do not touch my post! at C8
Gilles Verdez responds to the numberAdventures medicine "This is the end of the illusion of Michel Cymesa, every time you tell me that this is the favorite French host, and nobody looks at it. I do not know who he likes but I think we like him to hate I hate him without love, he is a bad leader, no talent, whenever he does, he's a fiasco. "

November 1, 2018 in Do not touch my post! at C8
The day after the release of the new talk show Michel Cymes on France 2, He will not get out of hereCyril Hanouna set up a debate where most columnists were positive. Totally disproportionate, as usual, Gilles Verdez once again played criticisms. "I found it embarrassed for three reasons: It's always vulgar, very embarrassing because it is self-centered in its interviews, it is not a concern for guests and, above all, I have great discomfort with the medicine," he said. "He uses his function as a doctor to smuggle on television. Or one doctor or one facilitator. A mixture of genres bother me."

November 9, 2018 in Do not touch my post! at C8
In chronicle Four hours without filters, teams TPMP argued that Michel Cymes had sent a letter to Cyril Hanouni to stop criticizing his shows. And his lawyer sent a letter to C8 to ask "Gilles Verde's head." Information that Me Florence Watrin, the lawyer of France's host 2, denied the announcement sent by Jean-Marc Morandini. "Michel Michel Cymes formally denies this unsubstantiated and malignant rumor, so he asks you to postpone that denial without delay. He had no position on the subject except for a few days ago clearly expressed in the interview Audiovisual bulletin".

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