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Aldenger Rebel: A Barbaric Attack! The story of the sad events


Two people in the Rivers, Oldenburg, attacked a security officer (icon-shaped picture)

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A security worker in Riverview, Oldeberg, has been hit by a brutal attack. In the toilet, the toilet got into a haste for the murder.

  • A revolver in Oldenbourg, Rivers
  • Two people were amazed by the dissolution of the toilets
  • At Oldenburg, Ruwi's guardian is the pretext against man

Oldenbourg – You can not imagine these things either Change in Oldenburg You will be amazed when you do.

It Security crew The toilet was in control. He was surprisedWho was anyone expected? The captured neuroses were lost The situation increased, This is reported by nordbuzz.de *.

Redirected from Old Bank: Soldiers were seriously injured in the defense at Bail

The two of them were seated in the toilet during the security dispute Pepper Against the 64-year-old security guard. But it was even worse. With the end of the end Come on The head of the criminals' security department several times was defeated. Over and over. This The 64-year-old man was seriously wounded by Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Chandrasiri Gajadeera It's down.

A 20-year-old girl was also seen. It is reported that three men from Oodersburg have raped the woman.

Oldenbourg: Men are kicking kick

Follow her Pineapple attack The brutal criminals were kidnapped Rewe out. The money captured by Duo went out Discounters in OldenburgThey fled in an unknown direction. One of the wounded security officers was one Hospital Bringing it.

According to the IGP, he is recovering from the invasion.

Raised by Oldenbegg: attempting to murder murder and granting police bribes

Investigator Police Oldenbourg Then it will be decided Was attacked by an eye attack Because Killed And A great deal of robbery,

Mr. Johan Kohame, Chairman of the SP Superintendent of Oldenburg, € 5,000 prize Exposure to information required for education A cruel act in Rivie Identify the IDPs. You can send any information to the Oldbury Police via telephone number 0441 / 790-4115.

According to Nortubus, there are two robbers from Hamburg's nets.

Important Note by the Police: The prize giving and distribution will be decided regardless of legal action. This reward is for individuals who are not limited to private criminals and not only for government officials to prosecute criminal offenses.

The taxi driver, also brutally assaulted by a group of Oldenburg, was similarly barred. This is also reported by nordbuzz.de.


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