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Live: Launch of the Vaccine for Behreens is an “important milestone” | – News

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Lower Saxony Minister of Social Affairs Daniela Behrens (SPD) sees a turning point in vaccination for physician training starting Wednesday. Priority should fall by the end of May. The press conference will be broadcast live.

In addition, there is good news for those under the age of 60 in lower Saxony who have been given a basic vaccine with AstraZeneca active ingredient. Accordingly, Robert Koch’s Standing Vaccination Commission (Stico) made a preliminary recommendation stating that the second vaccine “leads to complete safety” with an MRNA vaccine such as the one from Biotex and Modernna. Appointments will be reserved. The second vaccination should be completed in May.

Model Tests Begin: Opening of 14 Municipal Councils

Model projects to open shops and outdoor restaurants in 14 municipalities in lower Saxony begin. Government-elected municipal councils were announced on Saturday. In participating states and cities, there are less than 100 seven-day events. Meanwhile, national events continue to exceed the 100 mark.

Compulsory examinations in schools

Last week, the state government commented on how to continue corona testing in schools after the Easter holidays. Education Minister Grant Hendrick Tone (SPD) said the tests were mandatory for school staff as well as students. If face-to-face teaching is possible, tests should be performed twice a week.

The inner city of Hanover is deserted.  © Hanover Reporter

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Minister of Education Grant Hendrick Tone speaks at a state news conference.  © N.D.R.

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One person injects using a syringe.

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Claudia Schroeder speaks at the Corona State Press Conference.  © N.D.R.

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Stephen Vale (SPD) at the State Parliament in the Lecture Hall.  © N.D.R.

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Parliament convenes in Hanover State Parliament for a special session on the Corona epidemic.  © N.D.R.

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Prime Minister Stephen Vale (SPD) speaks in front of the State Chancellor in Hanover.  © N.D.R.

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Lower Saxony Health Minister Daniela Behrens is interviewed.  © N.D.R.

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Lower Saxony Health Minister Daniela Behrens gives an interview with NDR correspondent Sophie Molman.  © N.D.R.

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Prime Minister Stephen Vale (SPD) speaks at a speech to the state parliament.  © N.D.R.

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People walk through a busy sidewalk.  © Picture Alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentralbild Photo: Ann Rydell

Lower Saxony wants to prevent the spread of the virus in communities with a high percentage. Shops open elsewhere. more

A person inserts a spout with a sore throat into a test tube.  © Picture Alliance Photo: Hendrik Schmidt

The country reports 5 more deaths. Nationwide events drop to 97.5. more

Alexander Klaus as Vineto 2019 at the Carl May Sports Festival in Bad Zegburg © dpa-picture alliance Photo: Eventpress rh

The premiere for “Der Alprinz” with Alexander Klaus and Sasha Hehn should now be in Bad Zagberg in 2022. More Corona News in Ticker. more

Virologist Professor Christian Droston and Virologist Professor Sandra Cisek (Montage) © Picture Alliance / DPA, University Hospital Frankfurt Photo: Christoph Gotto,

Here you will find all the episodes that have been aired so far to read and listen to as well as a scientific terminology and much more. more

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