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Sexually transmitted diseases worldwide


The Tropez is rising all over the world. An Australian study has uncovered an unprecedented transmission route. It is assumed that the sexually transmitted disease, currently known as sexually transmitted diseases, is a medicine for the gonorrhea. Researchers from the University of Melbourne's Australian Institute of Monaculture have been kissing this study. Their results were published in the British Medical Journal of the English Language Specialist.

Kidding is an annoyance

In 2016 and 2017, data were collected from homosexual and adulthood individuals for study. More than 11,000 people responded to a brief survey of their sexual actions. Of these, 4643 (40.6%) data were evaluated. More than six percent of them considered Orefiningale's gonorrhea. The number of those who did not kiss during illness decreased.

Sexual behavior in sex affects the pancreatic transmission

The result is that the kissing in the sex process can affect the spread of gonorrhea. After considering other influential factors, the results were more accurate. Thus, if four of four or more shareholders were keen on having sex without sex, Oerifriengel Gonoraria was positively tested for a 46-percent increase. The likelihood of sex with males has increased by 81 percent. Male kisses kissed or kissed one in Singapore.

Affected by kissing: Risk should not be underestimated

Researchers emphasize that study is only an observational study. However, based on the results, they do not underestimate the importance of quality kissing and are ignored. Sexual or sex-related behaviors may be a risk factor for uterine disease.

Increasing number of gossip disorders dramatically – not clear

However, the study of the spread of gonorrhea speaks in a clear language: during the past five years, the number of worldwide gosnomial patients has increased by 63%. Men and women who live in cities are particularly affected. From 2012 to 2016, the number of males reported among men increased by 72%. Increase in women by 43 percent.

As a result of the dramatic increase, several credible reasons have been previously rejected. Hence, the most proliferation trend did not believe gonorrhea could be associated with an antibiotic resistance strain. Condoms are considered to be the cause of inadequate use.

For this reason, researchers concluded that other methods could be used to spread the disease. Therefore, they hypothesized that they could move gonorrhea by kissing them. If we look at the outcome of the current study, this process can not be excluded, but in further studies it should be examined.

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