Wednesday , July 6 2022

Submitted by: Bitcoin over $ 61,000: Shortly before the launch of Bitcoin Future ETF by Proshires in USA | news


Digital assets are becoming more and more mainstream. Todd Rosenblut, CFRA’s director of ETF & Mutual Fund research, said on Friday that the fundraiser filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission had revised an application for a bitcoin futures ETF with all the features of regulatory filing. This means that the ETF can be launched quickly.

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Rosenblut speculated that the application for the Bitcoin Strategy ETF would indicate that the fund would launch on Monday or Tuesday. The new ETF marks the end of a year-long campaign to approve Bitcoin ETFs, which began in 2013 and many applications were rejected by the SEC.

Earlier this year, SEC President Gary Jensler announced that Bitcoin would build on the prospects for future ETFs, supporting a structure that believes it will provide more investment protection than ETFs directly linked to physical bitcoin.

Bitcoin rose 7.1 percent to $ 61,000 in anticipation of the exchange market. The ticker symbol for the Prosher Sacrifice reads “Bito”.

By Mark Decombray

Washington (Dow Jones)

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