Tuesday , May 24 2022

There is no winner in the Cellar adventure film – Bealfeld worries Augsburg


Bundesliga, 8th match day

One thing that really doesn’t help anyone: For a long time, the FCA table table seems to be moving towards three important points. But then Armenia attacks somewhere.

There are no winners in the Bundesliga’s downstairs adventure film on Sunday evening: FC Augsburg and Armenia Bealfeld separated 1: 1 (1: 0) and both were trapped in the exile zone. Reese led the Oxford hosts (19th), with Jacob Lorson (77) nowhere to be found behind Bealfeld. Armenia are in last place with five points – one place behind the FCA.

The weakest attacking teams in the league met each other by three goals, so the scores of a goal show were bad even before the game started. Looking at the balance sheet – Augsburg won five of the six matches against Armenia – the FCA was able to start the neighboring duel with confidence, however, with confidence in the recently re-strengthened U21 European champion Arn Myer. Johnny Sarah made her debut in Armenia. Both were never seen.

Augsburg decided the first half

From the home side, the game opened more powerfully and boldly, warming the atmosphere at the WWK Arena in the first few minutes. Daniel Caliguri (9th) throws the ball to Thomas Stroeble on the back of the header – Bealfeld goalkeeper Stefan Ortega raises his hand with lightning speed to block the FCA lead.

As a result, the Swabians remained the deciding team in the game. After the initial failures of Andy Sekiri (17th) and Caliguri (18th), Oxford crossed the other five-yard line and advanced vigorously – Ortega had no chance.

With the lead, the Augsburgers dominated the game until the end of the first half, which ended without a single goal for Frank Kramer’s harmful side. The shooting of Captain Manuel Priettle (40) from a distance of about 20 meters was like the most disappointing act of all.

The misfortune of offline opportunities

After the resumption of substitutes Alessandro Shop and Edimilson Fernando, Bealfeld brought a little more momentum into the game and they played more aggressively overall. But the initial jubilation soon dissipated and the two teams were equal.

The biggest chance was originally former Bealfeld Meyer (68), who ran his goal towards Ortega from a sharp angle. Shortly afterwards, however, defender Lorson Bealfeld equalized – with a fantastic volley. A goal from Augsburg’s Jan Morawek (78th) was denied for an offside, while Noah’s Joel Serenran Bassi (89) did not count.

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