Saturday , April 17 2021

Kostas Apostolakis: Emotion for his mother's smile

In the show "Come on, smile" was Kostas Apostolakis, who among other things talked about how the traditional man is in his opinion, but also about the recent loss of his mother.

"Traditional men are the ones who are authentic with their feelings, they are not hiding, what they say is true, they do not have another firing, and what they say is this" he noticed.

When Paul Stamatopoulos asked him when he last cried, he was obviously excited about his mother's death.

"The last time I cried, why are you doing this now?" I lost my mother 1.5 months ago, but I was crying a lot, no, it was not abrupt, but suddenly he left, we do not expect this. tell you that most of this story, weeping, I did it alone because I do not want to see me The redeemer is when you are alone and do everything you want when you empty it All I want to change the subject because we sell them It's all I do not want to sell I had enough bliss on the palette, my mom went away, my daughter was growing up, she joined the society, she learned things, and the other one was standing on the other, everything was changing, and when my daughter was born, that was a station. before and after, as the umbilical cord is cut off when the mother leaves before and after It is not yet realized I think I will go to Crete and it will be somewhere But I do not say so, the actor said.

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