Monday , April 12 2021

Legal claim, moral claim on German occupational debt – Newsbeast

The key points of the report, submitted by most MEPs for claims on German debt, today presented SYRIZA Triantaphyllos Metafides at the SYRIZA event in Thessaloniki.

"Crimes against humanity have not been lost, the only Greek government in favor of the ceasefire of Nazism was the junta government," he said.

The event that was organized on behalf of SYRIZA Faliro, Toumbas, Charilaou and on behalf of Mr. Metafides, party representative Stelios Kouloglou, was the subject of "Unknowable hunting, demand for German occupation debts".

As for the next steps that the Government intends to take to remedy, Metafides stressed that "the key issue of parliamentary committee report for coming to the Plenary House, ratifying and becoming legitimate," arguing that "the delay that existed has no political purpose behind it ". "These committees advise the government, do not have a decisive role, but are important. With the consent of all parties, we have said that, under German occupation debts, in any case, there should be no doubt that the German state would clear the existing or non-existent debts of our country. we were able to open a new front because we fought for the release of the memorandum. Now with our hands largely released, we raised this issue internationally, especially during Stainweier's days in Greece, the number of claims was too high in the international press and I did not discriminate enemy articles to our viewpoints, "explained the representative.

Given the allegations in the report, he said: "We are looking for amounts from the First World War, compensation for special disasters, return of a forced loan, and there is a relevant Hitler's signature, which is no longer a loan, but a contractual obligation, a contract between the two countries , compensation for the victims, the return of stolen cultural treasures, where there was an incredible plunder. "

As for the opposition's position at the proposal of the Majority Board, he noted: "One of the reasons why SD recently voted, as we have so far agreed, was because of the question of compensation for the victims. They find that this claim is disoriented and almost demagogic because they claim that the state can not cope with private claims, but we support them in public documents and the conclusion of the state council that the Greek state is a universal representative of the victims of the Nazi occupation. "

"We need to launch a series of actions in international organizations, namely the United Nations, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Commission, to highlight this issue and also to cooperate well with the public of Germany. the suffering he suffered, "Stelios Kouloglou said as the Athens news agency is broadcast.

"All these measures must go together, and the overriding goal is the moral principle of compensation, rehabilitation and recognition of German historical crimes that have not yet been recognized and which have destroyed Greece and brought it back many years back, the European representative said," when our The Germans at this time shake their head for a series of our shortcomings and underdevelopment we have to learn very well, mainly because of the fact that Greece has started further work from all European countries, its reconstruction due to occupation and civil war arising from German occupation. "

"Germans are not known for their simplicity, it is a difficult question and politically, at a time when Greece is recovering, but still in a weak state, however, I think the fair demand, morality and ultimately the truth and ethics must win in to this society, "he concluded.

"We can not ignore the practical mood that has been consistently shown by the modern German state for a number of years to strengthen the memory of the Holocaust but also the sincere apology expressed by the latest example of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Steinmeier. Given this attitude towards the Holocaust, the Jewish Community in Thessaloniki considers it necessary to recognize the historical truth and to justify it through the indemnity claimed by our homeland, including those associated with persecution and extermination of the Thessalonians in Thessaloniki, just so we can say that we are doing the right ethical question properly and completely, "said a message sent by the president of the Jewish communities in Thessaloniki, David Saltiel.

The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Environment Socrates Famelos, Deputy President of Tasos Kourakis, Parliamentary Representative Nikos Paraskevopoulos, Mayor of Soluna Yannis Boutaris and members of SYRIZA Local Organizations.

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