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News on Twitter with "Arbeit macht frei" on Twitter


A new plague … between tension, between Kyriakos Mitsotakis And Alexis Tsipra Monday afternoon On this occasion, Welfare Journalist Kosta Vasvewanis spoke about the statements of the main Opposition Leader during Labor Day.

O Kostas was shot At the Osschuvz Gate, famous Nazi Dictation parallels his Twitter account with the Mithotis Message: "Arbeit macht frei"!

Just before midnight, ND. Chairman K. The following is the Facebook page of Mititsatikis.

From the morning I had seen the "official Nazi Jews taking office in Auschwitz, Aunt Mutti Forsey, Auschwitz". I deliberately missed the comment Sip Self-criticism: Condolating it. He did not. I will announce the statement of the Central Israeli Council for Mr Vickyannis. I will also consider another matter that cares about me. "

Mr. Ismail Mishsotak, announced the Israeli Central Council's announcement.

"A few days earlier, we were celebrating 6,000 Catholic devotees, the Greek Chief Justice, the former Chief Justice of Nicos Vaasis, and Bartholomew, a Catholic priest, including 65,000 Greek Jews, including Fear and Grief.

"Arbitive Mark Forsyth" inscription "Job works freely," welcomed the Jews in the door of the concentration camp. Auschwitz It remains there to lead the crematorium shortly after the terrible death …

This inscription should not be used in the context of political controversy and journalists' comments. It destroys, underestimates and terrorizes the Nazi barbarism symbol. The loss of all human beings has been lost, and the brutality of mankind has been the cause of torture. Millions of people died because of Jews or "different" ones.

Since the Central Jewish Council in Greece has a moral responsibility to insist that the evangelist Georgios, a member of the Miecoke family, has been sent to the opposition heads, has been sent to the opposition leaders, he is grateful for the title "Law". Hannibal, who survived Nazi rule, is among 330 Greek "rules of the nations" that saved the Jews' line of Jews and Jewish citizens. ".

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