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OSY SA: The Audit Court did not approve the contract to supply 300 buses with leasing Misinformation | Hellas

The Audit Court has now put a “brake” on OSY to supply 300 buses expeditiously through the leasing process.

According to an OSY SA statement, the main objection of the Audit Court is the misconception that these buses do not have side windows. OSY, following this decision, will immediately proceed with the cancellation application to remove the misinterpretation created.

What OSY SA reports

«This misconception – according to the OSY – is that in addition to the binding documents of the competition, additional documents (manuals) were submitted for the presentation of the original models of buses, and the windows appeared to not open and close. But the reality is that presenting a vehicle in a manual does not indicate that the vehicle must be delivered, but what it is at the initial production time.

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Of course, in the contract, the contractors are obliged to deliver the vehicle, making the necessary changes to the opening of the vehicle. «All buses have open and closed windows and are otherwise OSY. S.A. They will not be included in the tender notice and the draft contract accepted and accepted by the tender companies in their bid, as well as in the declarations of conformity submitted by all three companies in their document.OSY emphasizes in its announcement.

«The same thing happened at the corresponding competition held by OASTH in Thessaloniki. The company that participated in this announcement for buses with open and closing windows offered models that do not have this feature from their construction – as they are very rare in modern buses. The relevant change and today buses usually run on the streets of Thessaloniki with the windows open. That is, it will eventually take place on the streets of Athens.

OSY SA proceeds with a request to cancel Section 6 of the Audit Court to complete the review as soon as possible. In fact, according to officials in the Ministry of Transport, the target is the delay in the receipt of vehicles already received, not to exceed one month. However, the OSY administration believes that the issue could have been clarified if it had asked a relevant question.It will not be long before the formal conclusion of a race awaits passengers in Athens.

Recall that the competition concerns 90 diesel modulars (with trailer) and 210 average (biaxial) city buses. The contractors in the tender are “National Leasing” companies “Sarakakis” (with 59 dodecamers), the Mediterranean Truck and Bus Center (“Papadaki”) with 106 dodecamers and 40 modular and 78 dodecamers. And after the discounts offered by competitors, the monthly rent ranges from approximately ,500 2,500 to 7 2,700 for 12m and from 2, 2,740 to 8 2,800 for modular. These are 10 year old buses, anti-corruption technology Euro V or the latest. The project cost was budgeted at 37.49 million (amount including VAT, 30.2 million without VAT). The term of the contract was fixed at three years with the right to extend the contract for another year.

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