Saturday , December 5 2020

Tartus: Encouraging growth – who tries to kill Nicholas?

Distorting the next episode of Tatuscus, it is expected that television will continue to poll the popular play that will continue to "poll". What are we doing next? The series of video footage that has earned a video promise promises that would neglect the attention of the audience. What can we see in the following episodes?

Monday, May 13, 21:50. Stephanos is surprised at what happened to Olga, and Nike apologizes for misinterpretation. Nicholas returns, her ease flying. Alanza and Socrates journalists are "hitting her" and waiting for her to leave for Alexandros from the time she waits until she leaves Elphi and Alexandros, and she is to take her to the beach. Sheker has understood that Tayana is very fond of Tony and will be sent to the Inspector General of Police. Marius is home with a bloody nose and her head finds that Lios has been forcibly taken to her eyes … Carol! A letter from Tariana Orpas is accepted while the cekidis decides to change the strategy. Tony Nichols's tour

Tuesday, May 14, 21:50. Nicholas' Anne's blood is swept off Athena, but he warned. The young man is fasting. Both Amalia and Vera are grieving. Anna and Alexander visited the Athena hospital. Shekaras is the father of a father. Moogo tries to wake up Tony repeatedly and tries to return to London. Orpus has been sticking to her .He is in Athens, but Nicolas' health is worried.

Wednesday, May 15, 21:50. Nicholas fights his life, the maximum of doctors can, but everything shows everything. Wait for a moment to see what happens to Alina and Haris. Meanwhile, Stephens and Olga have not learned anything about the incident and are preparing for their marriage. Shankaris personally takes Nylorus's case and goes secretly to the hospital and does what he can to get someone to throw something away! Anna believes that Tony Nicolas is involved in the case.

Thursday, May 16, 21:50. Orpes comes to Anna's Dancing School and is closer to graduating his murderous plans. Nicol's arrival is delayed for a while. But Anna watches patiently when she seeks to kill her. The pain of Athena and his parents, Nicholas, is unwieldy, and they all can try as much as possible to add their pieces. In the meantime, he is on his way to Tony's detention center and is ashamed of the incident. Despite her confrontation, Tatiana remains on her side, and she warns her attitude to her attitude to her police and her career. Alexander and Afrody took their bids and refused Helen to take him to London instead. Meanwhile, he finds himself at Olga Steven's shop in Metelia, with Nicole.

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