Thursday , July 29 2021

Union for the death of Marina Tosbatsakis, Corrallo

The victim, Marina Tosbatsakis, a 60-year-old psychologist at the prison in Corralallos, has died at the cafeteria in Heracleion a few months earlier.

He is to be transferred soon after the removal of the Corriodolos Prison Psychiatric Hospital.

A prisoner last October, his bride, Manamaline, killed dozens of kills and made a terrible crime in which the whole country was shocked.

Holding trial on July 2, 2008. The 60-year-old told her previous bride, "Is that good?"

According to the direction of referral, she suffers from a calm mental state. When seeking his pardon, a 60-year-old person did not request the full responsibility for justifying his responsibility.

A 53-year-old man gave his money to him to leave the house.

He believed that the person who took this decision was motivated by this decision and he spent it on it. They lived in the apartment of his 60-year-old son and they worked well and took the two children of his infant to school.

Marina Tobbetsacis is worried that she would have 60-year-old cigarettes.

She thought that she did not set a good example for her grandchildren. The video of the murder of the unfortunate woman is an unacceptable record of what happened to her in the restaurant. It even understood the contents of the police officers.

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