Tuesday , May 24 2022

Huandian Penang inspected a food ring at a prawn noodle shop and alleged that the restaurant’s receipt was printed with “anti-government words” and referred to the department for follow-up | Location Report | Location News


The “Penang Shrimp Noodle Shop” in Van Chai Huangdian said yesterday that FEHD officials conducted an emergency investigation and an inspector complained that the restaurant’s receipt had been printed with “anti-government words” and sent to him. To the relevant departments for follow up. “Penang prawn noodle shop” “All Hong Kong people are here!”, “The prawn soup at the bottom of the bowl is sweet” and “Who is the supervisor to oversee?” Posted a photo on the receipt that read: “Penang Shrimp Noodle Shop” asked its contents “Are there so-called anti-government?” It also pointed out that threatening “complaints” do not affect the restaurant.

The Penang Shrimp Noodle Shop reported on the FB yesterday that FEHD staff had gone to the restaurant to check for epidemic measures, and that they had received complaints that the restaurant’s QR code had not been shown to travel safely during that time. However, the response from the prawn noodle shop was that QR codes were included to ensure safe travel to various locations in the restaurant.

The FEHD health inspector, who inspected the restaurant at the time, said it had received complaints about the restaurant’s printing of “anti-government words” and had forwarded complaints to the relevant authorities for follow-up. , And then take action. Shows two photos of restaurant receipts at the shrimp noodle shop. Receipts in the picture read “All Hong Kong nationals are here!”, “The prawn soup at the bottom is sweet” and “Who’s supervising to monitor?” The prawn noodle shop asked in the article, “Does anyone think the wild side of the receipt in the picture is so-called ‘anti-government?’

The prawn noodle shop said that in recent days its branches have been taken care of by various government departments and they have reported confessions three times but in terms of life force they should not allow anyone to control their thoughts. “Such a threatening so-called complaint does nothing for me as a person.”

FEHD: The complaint states that the slogan in the shop acknowledges that it will be forwarded to the relevant department.

“Stance News” asked the FEHD about the incident. The FEHD confirmed that it had received two complaints this month about the “Penang Shrimp Noodle Shop” alleging that the restaurant allows customers to travel without peace of mind or to fill in personal information. The department conducted an investigation yesterday and there were no violations at the time. Relevant anti-epidemic regulations. The FEHD pointed out that the content of the slogan in the store of the relevant complaint was also mentioned. The department acknowledged that it would be referred to the relevant department for follow-up but did not specify to which department it would refer.

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