Tuesday , October 20 2020
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Alyssa Milano is calling for a sex worker for the law of abortion


"As long as women do not get the full control of their bodies, the risk of pregnancy can not be solved simply" – Write Joshua Milano, before the Georgian law, "a heart attack act" imposed a Republican agent on the Reduction Regulation of Abortion.

According to the new regulation, abortion is not possible after grabbing the heart of the embryo. This occurs during the sixth week of pregnancy. Most women do not feel pregnant. In the morning, sleepiness starts only in the week of pregnancy.

The Conservatism Draft, although the most violent situation in America's general life, is not the first change in the law, there are similar differences in Kentucky and Mississippi, and still no new regulations have been prepared: the Kentucky court is unconstitutional.

Alisa Milano, who was #MeToo agitated on Saturday, the # Excercite associated with this document became a Tweeter fan, and a serious debate broke out on the women's section of this program. Milano writes that women have no sexual relations with the abortion agenda.

According to the law that denies the constitution, women have been identified according to gender, sex with their sex services, and are trying to target that goal.

In parallel with Milano's program, 50 filmmakers in Georgia have issued a joint statement, which is included in the law, and the film industry does not provide employment for 92,000 jobs. (BBC)


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