Monday , May 23 2022

Fans collided on the pitch, SL


Four hours later, in the 11th round of the Slovak Football Championship (Fortuna Liga), the match between Spartak Tranova and Sloven Bratislava was interrupted and sports fans who were away from home came on the field.

Ultra did not spare each other (Photo: Cask)

According to, the fans who came to the field in the 15th minute were followed by Hungarian supporters, which led to a confrontation between the members of the two camps and the unconscious fan.

Judge Philip Glova sent the two teams into the locker room after the first fans arrived quickly. According to, the directors asked fans to calm down, otherwise they would not end the match.

After a while, the fans were able to get the pitch out of the field, but obstacles persisted, especially in the Sloan Bratislava fan base. As a result, the police completely emptied the guest section.

It was decided that today’s match would not end anyway, as the misfortune did not want to go away.

Regarding the sporting value of the meeting: The long-injured guests appeared without David Holman for the four-hour clash, which ended without a goal, but it was too far away.

Slovak Fortuna League
Round 11
Spartak Tranova – Sloven Bratislava 0-0 –
In the 15th minute, he was interrupted by a fan injury.
Slovene: Injured Holman David Not named.

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