The 23-year-old Tuckonne's disciple in the Netherlands was picked up in England.

M. S. M. Tuxonie SE Football soccer According to his knowledge, the authorities have arrested the suspects involved in the blogging racket.

According to the Post, Pke, Carswell, Saxard and Koosramilinin, a former bank, were seized by England in England but were behind the Netherlands.

This BlikkS The person close to the athlete may have been released within a month or two, because the player's records may be troublesome. A person was thinking of a person in a European Union country who was imprisoned for several months while prisoners had only "question papers".

Brothers and society were surprised by what had happened and the head coach said:

The news came to us as if it was lighted by lightning. Two weeks ago, we were trained against Alex Sexard. Since he has shown the minute in matches, he has not entered the field.

According to Thamas Szabados, there was no sign of the story, and he knew nothing of the situation. "Of course, these athletes interrupted players, successfully failing to concentrate on one hundred percent of their roles successfully and successfully.

The Taksoni society believes in the innocence of its players, and believes that the team has strong strength.

This Blikk In U17, U18 and U19, Alex gave him an opportunity earlier.

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He wanted to give a Albanian a fake certificate to Dublin.


Debresin is sentenced to four years in prison for a four-year prison term, and in 2016 Iranian, Syrian and Iranian nationals will be illegally staying in Hungary from Western Europe. The judgment is not finished.