Exxonos chipsets will cost more for Galaxy phones in the future than ever before. Samsung is brave enough to take steps to improve the quality of its chipsets.

Although Samsung is a world-class mobile chip maker, it is undeniable that the Exynos chip occasionally encounters occasional performance issues, especially compared to the Snapdragon chip. Basically 5G communication and heat generation are referred to as problems. This could be a complaint from users in areas where the Exynos chip is used by Galaxy phones (the Qualcomm chip is restricted to the United States and China only). Incidentally, not only are Galaxy phones used by Exynos, but they are also partly used by Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

However, Samsung may be embarrassed to hear criticism of its own chip, which could be muted from next year, and the latest news is that the South Korean manufacturer is adjusting the functionality of its chips day and night to Snapdragon chips. Samsung is very optimistic as it is already expanding product lines, packaging and partner testing facilities to expand chipset production.

It is planned to increase the rate of Exynos chipsets installed in mid- to low-end smartphones, mainly due to the lack of semiconductor supplies. According to some estimates, the Galaxy product line may include about 60 percent of phones with Exynos chips, so only 40 percent of them depend on the chips supplied by Qualcomm. The long-term impact here will certainly depend on the actual performance of the next generation chip.

Overall, Samsung is honoring its ambitious plans: it will send 320 million smartphones next year, an increase of 50 to 60 million compared to this year.

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