Even today, the Apollo missions in the Moon show the technological action as revealed by an analysis of one lunar module.

Analysts have pointed out Washington analysts Washington Washington's Washington earthquake analysts have uncovered eight earthquakes geographically across 28 earthquakes.

It cooled after the moon and decayed from the vine like raisins. Unlike the vineyard, it has been crushed several times, such as the photosynthetic, and thousands of stones have been formed.

Ten years ago, the NASA satellite imagery orbit (LRO) test has broken down relatively young bone fragments. However, this composition and its exact functioning was not known.

The most famous astronauts of the 12th, 14th, 15th and 16th of the four lunar missionaries have recorded seismic activity of the moon, which has four seismometric channels behind the earth. From 1969 to 1977, 28 devices were detected by the device. On the scale of this riot on the planet was 2-5. The data has now been re-analyzed.

A series of earthquakes reported by Apollo operations was very close to the discreked zones discovered by LRO.

Researcher Nicholas Schamar said that the moon's eight moons were no more than 30km from such small regions. "The tremors in the bark of the lunar bark due to this eight-race race have led to a collapse of bone resulting from global contraction and trembling," said Waters.

Since 1977, Apollo has not implemented earthquakes in earthquakes, but this is not a time of geology. Therefore, it is often said that the tragedy areas are still active. "We do not exhibit an active terrain outside of the Earth, so it's very interesting to think that these breaks are still moonlight."

In other cases, to find out about similarities, see the Facebook page of the HVG Tech section that presents scientific results.

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First, we were able to observe the meteorological effect and the water vapor released by the rare earth and ocean. In addition to the new knowledge, researchers can understand the history of water on the Moon and may be a potential source of long-term operation on the sky.


For three years, he has developed the blue ships of Jufsexseau. These tools and man will be brought to the moon. Blue Montana is now being presented to the press.

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