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Five things to know about Melnao


In a recent study, researchers have presented five melanoma-related skin diseases called melanoma.

The study published by the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association) underscored the following five issues regarding the Melanom:

Exposure to the Sun is an important factor in the development of the Melnaoma, and it is often found that the sun exposure is usually seen on the face, neck, arms, and toros.

Melnaoma can also cause sloppy sunshine, footsteps and footsteps.

A specific oxygen-activated pathway helps identify melanoma mutations and genetic sequences and detect signs for treatment.

About 10 percent of the melanoma may appear like pink, red, clear, or commonly faded.

Patients should be recommended for intrahepatic symptoms. ABCDE coughing with any color – Asymmetric shape, Informal borders, Color variation, The diameter of the pencil more than 6 (pencil size) and evolution (alteration) must be doubtful.

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