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IHCL and GIC Hotel Acquisitions for $ 4 billion


Indian Hotel Company (IHCL) and Singapore's Permanent Resource Fund GIC has set up an investment platform of Rs. 4,000,000 for three years to buy luxury, high-end and high-end hotels, the company said.

Tata Hotels in Taj Hotel say they have a partnership to acquire an "asset light model" to support full ownership rights management agreements. Under this agreement, IHC will have a share capital of 30% and the balance will contribute to the GIC for more than 3 years.

CEO E. Pouet Chowowl said ET wanted to buy stocks, extra assets, and IHC properties from the platform.

"I think we are looking at the assets of the NCLT (National Companies for the Justice Tribunal) and sold through frustrated assets and in a tremendous amount," he said, "but as our assets are part of our strategy, our assets will also include . "NCLT is a bankrupt bankrupt court.

Asset-light strategy

Chittwal said he agreed with the company's plan to dispose of assets.

"We said we do not want an even more asset burden, we sell homes, houses, Tramananthapuram and Visakhapatnam sellers." We have 100% ownership of our system assets. So, our shareholders own 100% of these assets at 100% of these shareholders. "

In addition to the state capital, they will seek partners in the acquisition of the 10 largest cities in India. Chathall said: "There are important and commercial cities, the state's state capital, and cities like Bophal and Indu or Pune are not bad." It will be an opportunity. So, a chance is great, if it's good, we're going to go for it. "

This arrangement will be to purchase fully-fledged hotels by purchasing their own funds through a specific vehicle for each purchase. Managed hotels are managed by IHFC under their various brand names. GIC Real Estate Chief Investigation Officer Cock-Down Lee said GIC was interested in joining IHC to build the best host of services in India's major destinations.

"As a long-term investor, we are confident of the standpoint of India's hospitality industry," he said. "We look forward to working with established partners such as IHFC to capture exciting opportunities and acquire growth capabilities."

As part of the 2022 strategy of February last year announced by IHC, the ASPI 2022 strategy is slackening and low ownership. IHC should own 60% of what it does. IHFC is required to reduce its reliance on the luxury section and take it to the pool of hotel companies owned by the group companies. This strategy calls for the earning of irregular assets, including residential apartments in Mumbai and elsewhere apart from the creation of new alliances with other Tata companies.

The company has added more than 3,200 rooms across India's brands and London's leading international markets such as Makkah, Kathmandu and Dubai by the end of March. The company was ready to open one hotel for one month, while affirming the importance of a "healthy pipe" and the signing of new contracts.

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