Wednesday , July 6 2022

Mark Cuban defends Dogcoin against Bitcoin optimists


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Alex Dowbanya

Billionaire Mark Cuban says he loves Dogcoin because it’s a fun and cheap way to learn about crypto


  • Little Cuban Fortress in Cuba
  • “Vitalik will understand that”

In a recent live and audio interview on Twitter space, billionaire Mark Cuban said he would continue to talk about dogcoin despite the setbacks of bitcoin optimists.

The Cuban says dogcoin is a “great introduction” to the cryptocurrency space.

The “shark tank” host also believes that cryptocurrency is a cheap way to learn about crypto.

Cuba explains that you have to open an account with Robinhood and buy a dog worth $ 25, so there is less barrier to entry.

Now that Robinhood has unveiled its own wallet, Cubans say dog ​​coin makers can easily spend their favorite memoir on merchants like AMC.
Finally, Cuba once again praised the Dogcoin community for its ugliness:

I think being part of it is a fun community.

The Little Dog Fortress in Cuba

Despite being a powerful dogcoin advisor, the Cuban mime has only $ 1,500.

After questioning his commitment to billionaire podcaster Preston Paisch, he asked his ex to prove that he was not a patient by revealing his position on Bitcoin.

Cuba itself describes Bitcoin as a superior store of value, but he does not believe it will succeed in the payment sector (unlike Dogcoin).

“Vitalik will understand that”

Speaking of Ethereum, Cuba says it does not argue that there is a risk that Ethereum will shift to evidence through the “difficult bomb” mechanism.

However, he believes co-founder Vitalik Butterin will be able to understand:

I think Vitalik will understand that.

If Ethereum “screws up”, Cuba hopes to replace it with other chains.

Butterin also joined the recently re-established Dogcoin Foundation’s advisory board, as reported by You Today.

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