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Mukti Bhavan actor Lalith Bell (71), Kovid-19 dies

Mukti Bhavan actor Lalith Bell (71), Kovid-19 dies

Photo by Lalith Bell. (Image courtesy: Adil Hussain )


  • Lalith Bell passed away on Friday afternoon
  • “He had a history of heart disease,” said Lalith Bell’s son
  • He had an infection in his lungs and it was severe

New Delhi:

Famous for his performances in famous films such as veteran actor-filmmaker Lalith Bell Subtitles and Mukti BhavanHis son director Kanu Bell said on Friday that he had died of COVID-19-related complications. The 71-year-old actor contracted COVID-19 last week and died while being treated at Apollo Hospital. He passed away during the day. He had a history of heart disease and it was complicated because he had COVID. He had a lung infection that was severe and his health was further complicated by his previous medical history. Kanu Bell told PTI.

Well known stage actor Lalith started his career directing and producing films such as television films. Tapish, Atish, Suneri Gild And worked on a TV show Afsane As an actor. His most recent works include the 2014 play Subtitles, Directed by his son, Mukti Bhavan, Amazon Prime Video Series Made in heaven and Judge Hi Ka In 2019.

Actor Adil Hussain who played his son Mukti Bhavan, Took to Twitter to endorse the actor’s demise. In the 2016 film, Hussein appeared with his elderly father (played by Lalith) as a man who decides to escape from the Varanasi hills.

“I am deeply saddened by the death of my beloved and esteemed co-star Lalith Belji. Mukti Bhavan! I feel the loss of my father again! Dear pillars, I am sorry for your loss, ”Adil Hussain wrote.

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