Wednesday , October 28 2020

Naanthamam Godse Gandhi was assassinated and Kaylaash Satherty says that his beloved husband Pragee Singh

Nobel laureate Kailash Sattiyi commented on her hopes Singh tongue to her, naturopath Godse.

New Delhi:

Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Keyless Satiriya, was born in BJP this morning. Captain Prageeth Singh Tacur was assaulted. Nathuram Godse, who killed Mahatma Gandhi,Ḍaṣbokṭ (Patriotism) ", a 65-year-old child rights activist, Pragee Tuckou, sent a message to the Tamiet to" kill the soul of India ".

"Gandhi's body was killed, but people like Prageia kill him with his violence, peace and tolerance, and Gandhi is higher than any political party and politics." BJP The leadership should abandon the desire for small returns and remove it immediately. Follow & # 39;Raja Dharma(State Administration), "Mr. Sayanthi spoke in Hindi.

Pragee Tkkur "Ḍaṣbokṭ"Former politician Kamal Hassan, responding to the earlier statement," Goddess Hindu Horde, the first Indian blasphemer in independent India, responded.

Opposition sparked a hurricane and the leader of the Congress, Digvaa Singh, is a heretics bhopal for her poster.

Former Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Minister Maheepa Mufthi, Chief Minister of Thanganka, Chandana Weerasooriya, Rao and Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi, Wadra Pragee Takur and BJP.

Mahendra has criticized Mahindra Group President Mahendra and warned the country of the risk of becoming a TV channel for the Taliban.

In the midst of critical criticism, BJP President Amit Shah was yesterday (24) the regime's invaders. "The party has nothing to do with these views." The three (while the other BJP leaders supported Prageeya Singh Tkur but both TVVs were deleted), these statements are opposed to the BJP ideology and referred to the Disciplinary Committee. "

The last breeze begged Braggle last morning to say, "I apologize to the citizens of my country for my behalf, and my statement is incorrect. The father of the nation, Mahamad Gandhi, is greatly honored"

In 2008, the BJP Loko's candidate for Bhopal, who was released on bail by Pragee Tucker, was released on bail of Malegon in 2008, and she was killed by her dead policeman, Haimant Kokkare, 26/11 attack and the destruction of Babi Masjid by Cypriya Boasting about participating.

The announcement was postponed for 72 hours by the Election Commission.

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