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Roger Federer wins Italian Open Championship | Tennis


The Swiss star Joao Sausa and Bernard Curieque won two hours in a three-hour and 51 minutes race, and both played two matches.

After Korik's victory, his leg was damaged after the congestion in the wet zone.

Federer's in-form final one-hour game is enough to leave the match with Stephan Steinsipaz.

"I'm disappointed that I will not be able to compete today," said Federer.

"I did not have 100 percent of my physical body, and after consulting my team, I decided that I did not play.

"Rome is one of my favorite cities that I would like to visit and hope to come back next year."

Friedrain now faces a race for a fit for French Wang. He will start the 26th of May and will be the tenth anniversary of Roland Garros.

Feder never retire when the match stopped.

On the clay, the courts were watered before the beginning of each set.

Australian opening batsman Frader managed to save the innings from the innings.

Karader Bernards has complained to Federer that he was a judge on the condition of the court.

During his post-match press conference, Fédair was sorry to say that the players had to compete, regardless of the court's circumstances.

"I do not know how many players the players go to when courts maintain courts," Federer said.

"Check players for line rows.

"The lines are moist, wet sports lines mean you are slide, I got hurt when I slipped, I crawled into my two fingers and touched my leg.

"I do not understand, they do not play, but they need to talk, they stand by us, and 10,000 people and a group of live audience are stressed.

"The player is always in the end, the lines will last five minutes until the lines dry, and I do not think I should play with the wet lines, so no one wants to hurt anyone like this so it would be impossible for me to interrupt the match."

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